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Українська для іноземців - UKRAINIAN GRAMMAR HELP

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An intensive summer course offered by Є-Мова

Do you feel lost after completing the Duolingo Ukrainian course? Do you need a qualified teacher by your side to give you a solid understanding of Ukrainian grammar? Are you looking for learning materials with real-life examples of how grammar works in practise?

So you are in the right place.

UKRAINIAN GRAMMAR HELP for beginners, an intensive summer course offered by Є-Мова, will help you improve your grammar skills and develop your language level.

Learn Ukrainian grammar with a course especially created by Є-Мова, the top Ukrainian teaching experts.

Revise and practise your grammar in order to increase your confidence and improve your language level.

Our highly qualified Ukrainian teachers will provide you with the right tools to help you master Ukrainian grammar and to speak with Ukrainians confidently.

This summer course is exclusively dedicated to beginners and offers a single module — Basic Ukrainian Grammar.

This course is right for you if:

you have studied Ukrainian on your own, for example with online apps or Youtube-videos, or through an app course on Ukrainian, such as Duolingo, or you wish to systematize your knowledge of Ukrainian grammar.

After you register for the course you will take our quiz to evaluate your Ukrainian language level and assess your current level in detail.

Learn from anywhere with live interactive group classes

Learn with professional teachers
Our teachers have the best professional experience in the industry, and have taught Ukrainian as a foreign language at renowned universities in the United States and Ukraine.

Practical Ukrainian grammar
Our students are provided with simple and pedagogical explanations. All learning materials include examples from daily life to show how the grammar works in practice.

Get certified results
The course progresses towards a final test. You can continually track your learning progress according to the CEFR framework. When you complete the test you will be accorded an official digital certificate.

Detailed schedule for the intensive summer course

July 31 – August 26, 2023

Monday — Wednesday — Friday 7:00 pm (Kyiv time)
Tuesday — Thursday — Saturday 10:00 am (Kyiv time)



✔️ 12 teaching sessions

✔️ 12 grammar topics for beginners

✔️ 3 sessions per week

✔️ Each session lasts 2 academic hours (90 minutes in total)

✔️ 6 studying hours per week

✔️ Two parallel courses are given, either morning or evening classes — choose the course that fits your time schedule best!

✔️ Small student groups — no more than 6 students

⚡️BONUS #1! Students keep access to studying materials for three months after the end of the course.
⚡️ BONUS #2! Summer course students get a 10% discount for the fall semester.

All this for $99!

Deadline for application: July 25, 2023.

To learn Ukrainian, you only need an Internet connection and motivation.

We provide all studying materials.