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From Zero to Hero ІІ.

Have you completed our From Zero to Hero І course? Have you studied Ukrainian before? Would you like to solidify your skills now? Do you need a qualified teacher by your side to give you a solid understanding of Ukrainian? So you are in the right place.

Learn Ukrainian with a course designed by Є-Мова, a team of the top Ukrainian experts in teaching language. You will develop all the language skills that will allow you to start speaking Ukrainian.

Course Description

It is a three-semester course in Pre-Intermediate Ukrainian (A2). Everyone interested in mastering the official language of the bravest country in the world is welcome.
The course is open to students who have successfully completed Ukrainian from Zero to Hero I or have passed the level test (which will be offered after signing up for the course).

After completing the course, you will be able to:
✔️ talk with Ukrainians on familiar topics: personal and family information, shopping, places of interest and work, appearance and personalities, travels, places to visit, future plans, national holidays, national food etc.;
✔️ understand slow, frequently used expressions in areas such as family, shopping, and traveling, etc.;
✔️ understand short texts containing high frequency vocabulary and international expressions;
✔️ understand simple audio and video such as ads, Youtube videos in simple Ukrainian, and songs;
✔️ write about matters of immediate need in simple terms

Semester highlights

✔️ 25 classes per semester
✔️ Each class lasts 80 minutes
✔️ 2 classes per week
✔️ Small groups (no more than 6 students in a group)
✔️️ All study materials are provided
✔️ Online library of exercises & homework
✔️ Fixed time, join us from anywhere

Course calendar. Spring Semester

Start: January 30, 2024
Time for A2.3: Tuesday — Thursday
6:00 — 7:20 pm (EEST, Kyiv time)

Course Materials

There are no required textbooks. On our learning platform, we provide all materials including class presentations, Quizlet sets, online activities, etc.

Course Price

Cost per semester is 300$

Ukrainian Success Bonus! Students who successfully complete the semester receive a 10% discount for the next semester.

What should I expect from Є-МОВА's group courses?

  • We emphasized communicating – our students speak Ukrainian from the first day of class.
  • Grammar topics are always presented in the context of communication using clear and easy-to-understand methods.
  • A supportive and comfortable atmosphere will allow you to overcome the language barrier quickly.
  • Classes are fun and well-prepared. Our teachers are great in what they do.
  • Study over Zoom: all you need is a webcam, a headset, and an internet connection.
  • Students can access homework and all study materials online whenever they like.
  • Students keep access to study materials after the end of the course.

It's never too late to learn Ukrainian! With Є-Мова, all you need is time, an internet connection, and motivation.